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Miyuki Nishitani, Director of School of Nursing

医学部看護学科長 西谷 美幸

This School of Nursing was founded in the Faculty of Medicine at the Toyama Medical and Pharmaceutical University (the University of Toyama since 2005) in April, 1993. Four years later, in April, 1997, a Nursing Course (master's program) was established in Graduate School of Medicine and Pharmaceutical Science for Education.

Toyama is 'Medicine City' with a long history since the Edo Period and traditional oriental medicine has been widely practiced. With this background, integration of oriental and western medicines was attempted and evolved both in medicine and nursing over many generations. The University of Toyama Faculty of Medicine has strived to create oriental intelligence by integrating oriental and western medicines. The School of Nursing has the underlying foundation which allows us to pursue our primary mission in nursing with western knowledge and oriental spirit.

Nursing has a history as long as that of mankind. Starting from compassionate instinct, which compels us to do something for others in need, nursing evolved as the social demand increased. In the late 19th century, Florence Nightingale defined what nursing ought to be as follows: Nursing ought to signify the proper use and selection of various elements in life at the least expense of vital power to the patient. And, nursing was developed as a specialized profession needed in society. With awareness of people's power to promote and restore health, she hoped to create optimal living environment with all knowledge and art for people to make the best of their power, and dreamed to provide all people with opportunities to live healthy. Realization of her dream is entrusted to us.

The University of Toyama offers a place for learning where you can realize your dream with fellow students through well-balanced academic study of oriental and western medicines, which cannot be found at any other university.

To our undergraduate students, let's work together and experience the depth, difficulty and joy of nursing, which is a study contributing to public health.

To our graduate students, please enrich and improve your practical knowledge of nursing, science of practice, by taking advantage of your experiences as learners and practitioners. I expect you to disseminate the oriental and western integrated nursing to the world from Toyama.

And to people of Toyama, as the only four-year nursing university in Toyama, I would like to ask for your cooperation to help us carry out our responsibility to improve and support local nurse practitioners' expertise and activities.