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Three themes of research [Continuing Education/Child Health and Perinatal Nursing/Mental Health]

The Advanced Practice Nursing Course is an endowed course at the School of Medicine and Pharmaceutical Science for Research at the University of Toyama, funded by a donation from Toyama Prefecture. It is scheduled to be offered from April 1, 2010 to March 31, 2014. The outline of the course is arranged so as to advance the practical nursing abilities of nursing personnel in Toyama Prefecture, and covers three themes of research: Continuing Education, Child Health and Perinatal Nursing, and Mental Health. It is a fusion of the needs of society and the knowledge of the university and takes a unique approach to stimulate each individual's nursing practice and studies and develop research activities; it even extends to the revitalization of community healthcare. It is our desire to achieve solid results by utilizing our experience in educational research to help reliable and kind youths in Toyama to become competent nurses.

Tomomi Hasegawa, on behalf of the Department of Advanced Nursing Education