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Research Areas

Mental Health [Izumi Tanaka, Associate Professor]

Today emphasis is being placed upon dealing with the problems of drug and alcohol dependence, anorexia nervosa, and self-cutting, which arise from a loss of mental balance, and to caring for the emotional needs of the terminally ill and the chronically ill. Mental health nursing could be said to involve going beyond treatment to assure high quality care that preserves the patient's mental health. Cultivate physical closeness with the patient and go along with him or her, soothing the patient's heart; in a sense, "motherly" support is required of the nurse. To do that, a nurse must, of course, polish her nursing skills and discipline her heart, and she must also grow. We hope that the Advanced Practice Nursing Course will help nurses in their careers and open the way to solutions for many problems, including the question of how to train nurses specializing in mental health.

Continuing Education [Mutsumi Nogami, Assistant Professor]

On-the-job nursing is always stressful. Nevertheless, the performance of nursing duties must not become a reason to neglect the taking in, or studying, of new information and know-how. To continue one's education is to grasp the true nature of nursing duties while performing them and to aim at improving one's nursing skills, bringing them to a higher level. For example, at our University Hospital, new nurses accompany the regular nurses on their rounds and experience several days of "shadow training" during which they do actual nursing work, and the university and its affiliated hospital cooperate in holding training courses and lectures. Thanks to this sort of arrangement, we are attaining a better quality of nursing and fostering human resource development, and in some cases, we may be preventing nurses from leaving the profession.
There will be even more need in the future for a system offering continuous high-quality nursing by maintaining a connection between on-the-job nursing and educational institutions. We hope that The Advanced Practice Nursing Course will lead to the implementation of this function and improve the careers of nurses and their nursing skills.

Child Health and Perinatal Nursing [Chifumi Okemoto, Associate professor]

This university has valuable facilities that are rare in the field of pediatric care. It takes in patients with life-threatening diseases such as childhood cancer and heart disease, and many of these patients come from outside Toyama Prefecture. The nursing of children and perinatal patients requires special care in addition to general medical knowledge. Support must be given to both the child and his family.
Our professors possess the latest medical knowledge and skills, making the Advanced Practice Nursing Course the right place for those who are interested in Child Health and Perinatal Nursing to study. Since it is possible to study while working, those who are now engaged in nursing can enhance their skills. Child Health and Perinatal Nursing involves both physical and mental stress, and we will be happy if this course provides support for people who are actually engaged in nursing.

Maternal Nursing [Akimi Urayama, Associate professor]

The constant advances being made in technology nowadays are quite impressive. In the field of nursing, a wealth of nursing theories have been introduced; in clinical situations advanced machines have been introduced to match the complexity of diseases, and a nurse must be able to use them effectively. However, evolution and the progress of humanity are a different matter from advanced mechanical technology. For instance, in the past it was taken for granted that parents would cherish and raise their child, but in modern society incidents of infant abuse are on the increase. With the development of and increase in material goods, our life has become convenient, but if we are too occupied with such things, our hearts may become insensitive. Considering this trend, along with advanced technology, we would like to consider advanced professional nursing with a main focus on people with heart. I am looking forward to studying with you.